Juggling Normal is a forum for moms to engage about all of the things we “juggle” every day – and a place for inspiration to live life to the fullest.

“Juggling Normal” is a collaborative effort of a group of successful ladies. We do not by any means provide a silver bullet answer to parenting or relationships, rather a place for us to share experiences and hopefully inspire women. Or, at least show that you’re not alone!

Each of us has our own “normal” that we strive towards. Sometimes this is simply keeping up with the daily kid activities and chores at home each week, and getting the necessary work done so we can get there. Basically, juggling all the things.

“Normal” is something we talk about – and it is completely subjective to each of our realities. Let us tell you how we do it, and feel free to take our ideas or leave them here. We hope that by sharing our stories we can help other moms (and dads) know that we have all been there. Life is hard, keep on going and be the best example you can be for your family! (And when you’ve hit your limit, remember we’ve been there too)

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