Happy Thanksgiving!

From our tables to yours…

Team Juggling Normal is hunkered down, taking time to be thankful in our own little corners of the world. Some of us were planning to travel and had plans cancelled, some of us live close to parents and grandparents and count those loved ones in our cohort circles, and a few of us have gone through the pain of a pre-Thanksgiving quarantine to spend the day with special people who are vulnerable. We want to wish all of our friends a Happy Thanksgiving, however you might be spending it!

In light of this unique year, when many of us are not having huge 20+ people family or friends celebrations, we thought it would be fun to highlight our table decor and some favorite things we are cooking this week. We like to decorate, to make holidays special and make a big deal, whether we are hosting our immediate family or a crowd.


We are home this year, celebrating with just us, after our plans to hit the beach were cancelled. So, setting our table with my husband’s great grandmother’s turkey plates and platter, and we will enjoy turkey, pea salad, broccoli salad, rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and Jello salad – many favorite family recipes. Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

Thanksgiving at home for 5. Have a great day friends!


Lindsey is also home, hosting dinner for her family and has set two tables, for kids and adults. Love her centerpieces – her flower arrangements are always amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

Adults table
Kid table – with Ms. Haydin claiming her spot!


Courtney is at her parents’ mountain house with her kids, while her husband quarantines at home after some business travel. Happy Thanksgiving 2020 style!

Mountain fancy!

Courtney writes for Juggling Normal and Sweet C’s. This is original content for JN.


Kristi is home as well, with her family, enjoying Thanksgiving with some distance to keep everyone healthy. Look at the ribs!

Table for 5 – at home!

Kristi writes for Juggling Normal and Medium. This is an original post for JN.


Sara is also at home with her family, making it fun for her two kids. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Thanksgiving for 4, with sideboard. And snow outside!


Kelly is home, although she and her husband had planned to be on his family farm for the holiday. She is enjoying a version of a meat pie – according to the rules of the Homegrown Year – with a cornbread base, goat cheese and venison, among other things, and some wine that she bartered for. It looks great! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly’s Thanksgiving Feast!

Kelly writes for RealBestLife and Juggling Normal. This is an original post for JN.

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