Fall Resolutions?

We all talk about New Year’s resolutions, every year. What about setting some Fall Resolutions?

I have often thought of fall as a new beginning. The start of school, more structure after the freedom of summer.  Even after college when I was working full time, there has always been a definite shift between the summer mindset and fall: we change the foods we cook (grilling and salads to cozy dinners in the crock pot), and we change our behavior too. With kids, whether it’s a normal year with kids in school full time and sports, a mix of things as most of us are doing now, or having our kids home and remote learning full time, we are still transitioning between summer freedom and the structure of fall.

I think now is the perfect time to take a step back and try to set some new goals – some Fall Resolutions.


It has been quite a year. We have all had vacations, work and personal events cancelled, we have juggled a complete paradigm shift in our lives. We have rolled with constant changes in work, school, daycare, and life. We have changed our habits as we go out for basic chores – going to the store now includes masks and hand sanitizer, and potentially Clorox wipes if you can find them.

In January, I talked about how I try to set continual goals that I will stick with, no matter whether it is a new year or not (New Year’s Mom Goals). What is one of the most popular resolutions people make? Working out. Or eating right. How many of us accomplished those things this year?!? Not me!

I do try to be active. And I was doing really good working out in February and March – until the lockdown. Even then, we tried to walk every day and get out once the weather warmed up. I do lots of yard work and house work. My kids are active, and I keep up with them. But, I am over 40 and I recognize that I need to actually get back to the gym – and I haven’t done that regularly in 20 years!

I also try to eat mostly healthy meals, balancing the proteins with the carbs and the veggies. I think everyone needs foods from all the food groups, and I don’t especially like fried food. I also consider ice cream to be a several times a week treat that I’m not willing to give up – I pretty much go with everything in moderation.

So, here we are. It is now September and this year has been kind of a shipwreck.

Thus, Fall Resolutions.

Good idea lightbulb

What one thing can you do to change a habit or add a new ingredient to your life that will improve your attitude, outlook, perspective, or happiness?

Is there something that you recognize within yourself that you’ve let slide these last six months?

Do you have a goal that you set earlier this year that you just haven’t focused on?

Use this time to re-set. Take a step back and evaluate what you want and where you want to go.

Whether it’s changing your work/life balance on a grand scale, making sure you are taking the time (or making the time) to work out, or just making sure that you change one little habit every day – big or small, focusing on a Fall Resolution and following it through will make you happy.

checkmark thumbs up
I always feel better when I check things off my list!

I always advocate to Choose Happiness! Take the time to do fun things and play.

As moms, we often focus on our kids and families 150%, and we let go of our own personal goals and desires. Make sure you are taking care of your own needs. We all need down time. Last August, I called it Mommy Time – and it is still so true today!

Whatever else is happening around us, we get bogged down in the day to day. Sometimes, we are just surviving each day and doing the bare minimum to get through. And that’s okay. But at some point, we need to do better than going through the motions. Set a resolution to figure out a new way to run through the day – something that makes it easier to cope with the daily stress.

Have you heard of The Butterfly Effect? Andy Andrews’ book about making a small change in your life that could positively change your world is a great perspective. Even something as small as cleaning up toys in your living room (or asking your kids to help you clean up), or getting the dishes done right after dinner can make a big difference in how you feel the next morning! Coming into the kitchen or the family room to a clean floor and no pile of dishes in the sink? Priceless!

Friends, pick a simple thing that you want to change in your day-to-day. Set your Fall Resolutions to help yourself have a positive outlook, a new perspective on life. Give yourself a new mindset. And do those things, every day. Every week. Make it a new habit.

Teach your kids to clean up their toys, every time they get them out. Make it a habit for them.

We all get into a rut of just letting things go. And I’m a big fan of not picking a fight with my kids if it’s not that important. At the same time, we are all happier when the rooms around the house are cleaned up. So, I am trying to recognize that happiness and force both myself and my kids to clean stuff up, every time.

Mom juggling all the things
We are all moms juggling all the things. But making the effort to check a few things off the list always makes me happy and gives me a boost!

Definitely pick your battles. If something is important to you, though, make sure you’re not letting those important things go.

Have you been a messy bun mama all summer? I have! I am trying to make myself actually do my hair – at least half the time.

There are so many little things we can shift in our basic day-to-day. Pick a few things you know you want to change, and set about doing things a little differently. Set your Fall Resolutions, and try to stick to them.

Good luck! I’ll be out here working on mine.

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