Life Happens

While we’re all still in the middle of our social distancing restrictions, wishing we could go back to our old “normal” and remembering a time (was it only a month ago?) when we could have dinner with friends and catch a show…life goes on. We all get up and get moving and do the things – differently than we used to, but we still get up and eat, work if we can, and keep going. Life happens. Life continues.

This is hard. But life continues. Life happens!

It’s human nature to keep going. Isn’t that also part of the American Dream? To pick ourselves up and move on?

I have every confidence that at the end of this time, we will get back to “normal” again. I believe we are strong, we are determined, and Americans pick ourselves up and try again – over and over again if we have to. That is in our nature.

As an entrepreneur, I think it is natural to do this. To pick up and try something new, and take things head-on. I started my business “bootstrapping it” – I didn’t go out and get a startup loan. I set up the framework for the business while I was still working in an office full time, and once I had contracts lined up, I left that office job and went out on my own.

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I know that not everyone thinks or works the way I do, and I know that this is harder for some people than others. Taking risks and trying new things is hard! But it can also open up so many other opportunities and possibilities!

Friends, whatever is happening in your lives today, remember that time still moves, and we will all get past this. Life happens.

I’ve talked before about taking advantage of opportunities (Take a Chance!) that come your way – think of this time as a blessing in disguise. I say that, knowing it’s hard to keep going and knowing that we have weeks (longer?) left to stay home still.

This is not all sunshine and roses (as I write today, it’s snowing outside. Again.) and it is hard. It’s hard to stay positive and be supportive when our kids have a meltdown because they’re tired of only seeing their friends on a computer screen.

We are all going a little stir crazy. Take time for yourself each day, and just do your best.

It is hard to have to say no to our very social teenager who just wants to hang out with her friends. We are healthy. We have been together for a month at home, and our county hasn’t had a new virus case announced in a couple weeks. But we are also trying to be smart. We have to stay smart.

Just because you and your family are healthy and have followed social distancing, others may not have. Our governor and other leaders have started to talk about how we are going to ramp up reopening things. And how we do that will probably look different than it used to, for awhile.

Many friends who are small business owners have applied for and are getting approved for the forgivable small business loans that will allow them to pay their employees and their operating expenses for a couple of months. Hopefully, the loans will help to keep businesses open until everything is up and running again.

Life happens. We all continue to live!

This is hard. But life must go on. We all still need to keep going. Continue to check up on your friends and neighbors. Take groceries to someone who is vulnerable.

If you hear about a job opportunity for someone, pass it along! If you identify a gap in your community, find ways to fill that gap!

We all need to take care of one another. We are all going through this whole thing, and it isn’t easy. I’ve reminded my kids a lot this week that we’re not just doing this in our house/town/school/etc. Everyone is doing this, not only all over the country but all over the world. This is a totally unique situation, for all of us.

But, life happens. Life continues. Embrace that!

I am a social person. I like to talk, both in small groups and in a crowd. I also like my solitude and enjoy time at home with my family to re-charge. Honestly, I’ve had a solid month at home, and while I’d love to escape to a different location with my people just for a change of scenery, we’re doing okay!

That said, the weeks ahead of us seem endless. Just remember: life happens. We will all get through this. And it’s never as bad as we think when we’re in the moment.

If you are going through a major life crisis right now, in the middle of all the rest, remember, life happens. We have all been there. Changing our mindset to embrace a major life change is hard. Have you found out you’re pregnant? Have a medical condition not related to the virus? New job or changing job in the middle of this craziness? You can do it! Life continues, and will go on. Life happens.

My best advice? Roll with it as much as you can. Take some time to cry, let out your frustrations, and vent to whoever you need to. Then pick yourself up and see what’s next.

Let’s all be kind. These are crazy times.

Doctors are still working, and coming up with ways to make everyone safe if you need to go in for treatment. Telemedicine – something that has been around for a couple of decades but not widely used – has been ramped up a lot. Take advantage of that where you can, and trust the doctors to take care of you.

Life is hard. Adulting is hard. If you are overwhelmed with everything, take a few minutes each day to just sit and have a cup of coffee or tea. Your kids will still be there. Laundry and life will still be there. It’s ok to take some quiet time for yourself – you need it!

Life happens. And the show will go on. Let’s keep being smart while we wait for the next act.

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