All Baseball All The Time

If you’re anything like us, your kids finished up the school year, and all of a sudden, they were doing all the things again! For us, the last month has been all baseball, all the time.

Our summer so far has been all baseball, all the time. And it’s been great!

Our two girls have been out of commission for sports for over a month, each of them recovering from injuries sustained in early May playing other sports. So, our focus has been on the middle child, and his love of baseball has grown so much this year!

Every time I have grown a little tired of driving all over creation to his games and tournaments, I remind myself about what my kids missed out on last year. I remember how sad they all were during the quarantine and lockdown, and I remember that I promised myself I would let them do all the things when we were able to again.

My mom told me the other day that I should start saying no to something. My response? I can’t. I cannot tell my kids no when they want to do things again. They are so happy!

Baseball games really are the best. Especially at our favorite Coors Field! For now, we’ve been keeping it closer to home (because, busy). One of these days, we will go back to the big league park and live it up!

I have also started working again, and I went on a real life business trip all by myself last week! It was only a couple days, and I drove across our state to give a speech. Still, it was real life again. It was amazing! Also, it felt strange to be in a hotel room all by myself.

Part of that is post-pandemic culture shock, but mostly it was because it has been a really long time since I have had a solo business trip. After all, I have been a Stay at Home mom for years.

Friends, I can honestly say that there is an adult life after kids. I don’t regret my time at home one bit. And I am still being picky about what I am working on and how I do so – my family is still my #1 primary focus.

Thus, all baseball, all the time.

In the last six weeks, we have traveled locally (20-30 miles away) for weekday games, and a little further (45-130 miles) for weekend tournaments. Our son has had so much fun!

One of the things we learned early in the season was that his golf swing was messing up his baseball swing. So, we made the call to sit out golf tournaments during baseball season, and that has been a really good decision for our son. One of these days, he will grow a little bigger and get the hang of doing multiple sports all at the same time/in the same season. For now, focusing on summer baseball has been great!

What sports do your kids love in the summer?

All three of our kids love to swim, and we have had our share of afternoons at the pool, even with the youngest’s broken arm. Luckily, a few weeks ago, the doctor approved getting her into a brace for the final leg of her recovery, and she has been able to swim with that. Even better? We have a backup brace on hand for beach time next week that can get dirty and allow her to build sand castles. I am so thankful that we were able to get some flexibility for her in her recovery, and hopefully she will be out of all casts/braces for the last half of the summer!

Our oldest really loved playing baseball/softball when she was age 8-12 or so. Her favorite position was catcher, because they do something every play.

Letting our kids do all the things this year has led to being crazy busy. I wouldn’t change it for anything. They’re having fun!

The youngest was so excited for t-ball a couple of years ago, and she had a lot of fun in the peewee league that year. Last year’s COVID Summer and this year’s broken arm mean that she will go straight to machine pitch next year. I’m not worried – she is our adventurer and she will do great!

Life doesn’t always happen the way we plan. Obviously, none of us could have planned in a global pandemic. I for one am glad to take life on as it comes, and no matter how rough this last year may have been, I have been enjoying our busy June, so much.

Being able to go places, see our kids play ball, and be out and about again is so good for all of us. The whole family has enjoyed doing things again.

Our summer of all baseball, all the time has been crazy busy. And the best one yet! I hope all of you are getting out and about again and enjoying the fun that summer brings.

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