Do you ever find your kids annoying?

Now hear me out before you start freaking out. I completely adore and love my children. I think they are some of the funniest little creatures on this planet. They make me laugh constantly and truly make days better. But sometimes, sometimes they can just be the most annoying humans around.

They are pretty adorable.

You’ve all seen the commercial with the mom hiding in the bathroom eating cookies…this commercial speaks to me.  Sometimes I just don’t want to share my damn cookies.  Or when I’m on a call for one of my stores and all of a sudden the world is coming to an end and my kids cannot figure out anything, literally I mean anything, all I can hear is mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom….

Even better when I hand my kids their laundry and ask them to put it away after I have washed, dried and folded it for them and I go to check and make sure it is put away to only find it stuffed in the most random of places and get the joy and fulfillment of pulling it out and starting all over again. 

Do you know how many times friends from school have come into our house, pulled out toys and not put them away, it is unbelievable.  It’s even more unbelievable that we live in the country and they’ve made it out here by themselves and all my kids are under the age of 11! 

The best one yet, I made supper and told the kids they needed to feed the animals before I would feed them, all of a sudden dinner disappeared but the animals were fed. My kids decided to kill two birds with one stone. They didn’t like what we were having so they took it upon themselves to feed it to the animals so that they could go get Dairy Queen.  Mom win here – I gave them cereal.

It’s those little things that start to grate, you know like a pebble in your shoe or when your socks just don’t fit right. At first you think you can live with it but it slowly starts to really irritate and rub you wrong and just ruins your whole day.  There is a reason why we as moms have labeled items mom wine, mom cocktail, mom cookies you get the point.  At this point I would like to send out an apology to my mom because unfortunately I know my kids act just like I do, it has been a very hard lesson learned.

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, child and outdoor
Aren’t they cute when they clean up? Still, these kids can be so annoying…

Trust me I understand that I should be grateful and feel blessed all the time that I have four little minions running around and for the most part I do BUT there are just some days where my kids are utterly devastatingly annoying. 

P.S. I still refuse to share my damn cookies.

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