Holiday Spirit?

Are you struggling to get into the holiday spirit this year? Between the weather (where is the snow?!?), the ongoing pandemic, and juggling life in general, I have had a hard time getting into the spirit of the season this year.

Take some time to enjoy the holiday spirit all around you!

We all thought that we got through the worst of everything at the end of 2020, we were looking forward to new things, getting back to “normal” and getting our kids back into a groove. And we were all wrong.

Now, we have lived through two very strange years, a pandemic that seems never ending, and all kinds of doom and gloom with supply chain issues, shelves in all the stores not holding the things that we want, and things being just plain hard. Some people have really struggled with all of the doom and gloom, especially with continued restrictions and everything dragging on for what seems like forever.

I have to say, I am completely over all of that stuff. I have been ready to move on, do the things and get back to life for a very long time. My husband and I were vaccinated in April and May, and we (like many of you) thought that getting the vaccine was the answer to everyone being able to move on.

Vaccines do work. Make sure you’re up to date on all of them!

Friends, I am a public relations professional. I provide communications messaging services to clients, advising them on how and what to say to respond to various crisis situations. The messages we are seeing nationally about the virus have been all over the map.  Unfortunately, all kinds of people have been sidetracked by politics, fear and an inability to address the little next steps everyone can take to move forward. You can only control you. Don’t worry about other people (ignore the Karens of the world).

What I tell my clients – always – is to stay calm, figure out proactive things that can be addressed, and to take things one step at a time. I am a big fan of personal choice, freedom, and researching all the things regarding your heath on your own, along with conversations with your doctor.

Don’t let all the drama out in the universe get you down. Take the time to celebrate the little things, and let the holiday spirit lift you up.

The top message I would promote at this point is that vaccines do work, and most vaccinated people will not be hospitalized if they still get coronavirus after they have been vaccinated. There are no 100 percent guarantees in life, but the odds are pretty good that, if you get the shot, you will survive this virus. For those people who do not want to get the shot, they have that option. They are not going to hurt others by not getting the shot – we all now know that everyone can transmit the virus, regardless of vaccination status. So the point of getting the shot is to keep yourself out of the hospital. Period.

As we all try to get into the holiday spirit this week, I would remind everyone that there have been nasty virus pandemics before, and civilization survived. People are resilient, we keep going, we move on, and we do all the things. Sometimes, life is hard.

Holiday greetings from all of us at Team Juggling Normal! Wishing you the joy of the season, and all the best in the New Year!

Remember that we are all struggling to keep an even keel, to juggle all the things each and every day or week, and that there are other people out there doing all of that along with you. We are here, we see you, and we are all trying to get through each day too.

Christmas Parenting can make all of this even more stressful. Instead of getting bogged down in the negatives, make sure that you appreciate your family. Hug your kids, give them your attention, and let their joy in the season spread in your heart.

Take some time this week and next to recognize all of the good that you have in your life. Your kids, your family and friends, kind coworkers and neighbors. Cookies, fudge, pie, and all the other goodies that come along with the season – forget your diet, and just enjoy it all (and yes, keep working out and balance the goodies with a salad here and there). Music, parties, decorations, and more.

What makes you happy?

Focus on all the little things, enjoy time with your family, spread the cheer, and just enjoy!

Sometimes, holiday spirit is hard to find. My best advice? Turn off the tv, turn up the music, and bake some cookies.

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